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How To Post a Job On LinkedIn In 2022 [Detailed Guide]

How To Post a Job On LinkedIn In 2022 [Detailed Guide]


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LinkedIn is quickly becoming famous for job seekers and companies seeking new employees. It has more than half a million members in more than 200 countries. The first step in finding qualified talent is to learn how to post a job on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is still the best place to find talent. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professional networking. LinkedIn job postings are a great way to attract top talent. It’s a brilliant idea to post a job through LinkedIn, which has a wealth of information about people’s educations and work histories.


More than 525 million businesses use the platform, so there is more opportunity to post quality and diverse candidatures. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to post a job on LinkedIn (for free).

Reasons To Post a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world and has become a significant force for job filling. You can use it to find great candidates or to advertise your open positions. LinkedIn is a social networking site. This means that a job posting on LinkedIn can be easily shared by the hiring team, company leadership, and current employees. This can be a great way to hire, as word of mouth is often the best advertising tool.


Before we know how to post a job on LinkedIn, Let’s know the reasons to post a job on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers many benefits for posting your job on LinkedIn, including:

  • The “Jobs you may be interested in” tool can help you attract top passive candidates
  • The “Suggested Pros” function allows you to see which candidates are qualified even if they have not applied.
  • LinkedIn allows you to manage applicants easily.
  • Integrating your Career Page will help you build your employer’s brand
  • Applicant-friendly mobile experience
  • Optimize your job postings with detailed analytics

You can also post a job on LinkedIn and allow your team to share it with their networks. This increases the visibility of your job post and improves your chances of attracting great candidates.

How Much Does It Cost To Post a Job On LinkedIn?

Before we know how to post a job on LinkedIn, Let’s know how much does it cost to post a job on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online directory that allows you to connect with passive candidates by arranging them by industry, company location, designation, and other criteria. LinkedIn is still the best way to find and recruit passive candidates.


You can post a job on LinkedIn. This is costly, as job ads are priced based on where they are posted. The number of clicks on the job advertisement determines the cost.

The algorithm will automatically increase your daily budget by 30% if your post has the potential to attract more clicks.

Posting jobs on LinkedIn does not have to be expensive. We can help you reach suitable candidates while avoiding high fees.


Here’s What You Should Know Before Understanding How To Make a New Job Post On LinkedIn

Before we know how to post a job on LinkedIn, Let’s know what you should know before posting a job on LinkedIn for free.

How To Post a Job On LinkedIn In 2022

1. For $0, post a job on LinkedIn.

Some LinkedIn partners offer customers the opportunity to post job openings on LinkedIn for free, even though LinkedIn jobs are a premium job board.

Search can be used to find a LinkedIn job posting through a LinkedIn partner. It is also known as Limited Job Posting and will link from your company’s LinkedIn page.

2. LinkedIn’s 30-day PPC model

There are many ways to post a job on LinkedIn. Sometimes the paid route is the best. LinkedIn uses a Pay Per Click (PPC) model, similar to Facebook AdWords. Advertisements can be purchased for 30 days at a stretch. You set a daily budget and then pay per view of your job postings. This depends on where your job posting is located. LinkedIn will give you an estimate of the number of ideas you can expect once you have decided on a budget. This is an estimation. You’ll be charged a maximum of 1.3x for views received beyond your budget.

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When you put up a paid LinkedIn job posting, LinkedIn

  • Displays the job ad to those who match the requirements in the “Jobs that you might be interested in” section.
  • Intelligent recommendations, i.e., a list of candidates tailored to your job and area. This LinkedIn recommended match feature is entirely free. It is optimized based on your feedback. It is free to reach out directly to the recommended candidates by sending a 1-click message. You don’t need InMail credits.
  • You will receive 5 complimentary direct messages to reach out to any candidate. To send InMail to any person, you need a premium LinkedIn account.
  • This allows you to direct candidates toward an external site, such as your careers page, for them to apply.

3. Groups are a great way to help.

LinkedIn’s greatest strength is its group selection. You can find the right group to get your job posting in front of the right audience by finding the right group.

To organically increase your reach, don’t forget to share your job posting on LinkedIn with your LinkedIn connections. Anyone who likes your update will see it in their LinkedIn feed, so make sure your hiring team likes the post.

4. Use LinkedIn to search for passive candidates.

If the right people are not seeing the job posting, it doesn’t matter if you charge a fee to LinkedIn. Sometimes, you need to do more than create a LinkedIn job post.

Even in senior positions, great candidates are not always available. Don’t wait for the right candidate to contact you. Instead, use LinkedIn to find them. Use LinkedIn to find the right candidate for your job opening.

5. LinkedIn isn’t a magic bullet.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to find qualified candidates, but it should not be your only approach. We recommend using a mixture of job boards such as Adzuna and ZipRecruiter, both generically and more precisely. To complete your recruitment strategy.

Posting and tracking jobs on multiple job boards can be difficult, especially if your ATS software is unavailable. To check who has applied and pick up on the conversation if necessary, you’ll need to log in to each one.

How To Post a Job On LinkedIn For Free

Follow this steps to know how to post a job on LinkedIn for free or how to post a job on LinkedIn company page:

Step 1: Create a Company Page

The first step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn or how to post a job opening on LinkedIn for free is to create a company page.

First, create a personal profile with your full name to set up a LinkedIn business page. Click Join Now to create one. Follow the prompts. After you’ve completed the above, you can create your company page.

These steps will help you set up your company’s page.

  1. In the top right corner, click the Work icon. You will be able to select Create Company Page from the drop-down menu.

2. Follow the prompts to select the page type you want.

    • Company Page
    • Showcase Page (for specific brands, initiatives, and so on)
    • Educational Institution

3. After choosing the type of page you would like (most likely a Company Page), your company information will be required. This page will allow you to enter your company name, URL, and industry information. Finally, upload your logo.

4. After entering all company information, click Create page.

NB: Not a good idea to create a personal profile with a company name. This could cause your LinkedIn account to be flagged as spam and be removed.

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Step 2: Post a Job for Free

The second step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn for free is to post a job for free.

It is easy to post a job on LinkedIn. Click the Work icon on your LinkedIn profile. Next, click the Post A Job button from the drop-down menu. You will be taken to a form where you can fill out your job information. Enter your job title, company name, workplace type (e.g., on-site or hybrid), and the location of your employees and class of employment. After you have completed all fields, click Get started for free.

NOTE: LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful tool for finding your next employee.

Step 3: Create Your Job Details

The third step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn for free is to create your job details.

Once you have entered your job information (e.g., title, company, and location), the following screen will prompt you to fill in your job details, including job description and skills requirements. After completing this section, click Continue at the bottom of the screen. Please enter the following information.

  • Job description: Enter your job description (required) in the text box. Include job duties, skills, and education requirements.
  • Skills: Enter the required skills by clicking on the Add Skill button.

Step 4: Enter Applicant Options

The fourth step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn for free is to enter applicant options.

After filling out the job details, click Continue at the bottom right-hand side of the page. Your applicant options page will then appear. First, choose how you would like to receive applications. This could be via email (recommended) or via an external website. This directs the candidate outside of LinkedIn.

You can add screening questions to your email to allow candidates to submit resumes. LinkedIn will suggest two questions. These questions can be retained, or you can click the X to remove them. Or, you can select from LinkedIn’s possible questions.

Any screening question can be made a must-have qualification. LinkedIn will automatically filter applicants and send rejection emails to those who do not meet these qualifications if you use this option.

Step 5: Promote Your Posted Job

Now let’s know how to promote a job posting on LinkedIn, After completing your job posting, you can choose to continue with a free post or set a budget to promote a job post. Advertising your job posting ensures that it is at the top of search results and job recommendations. You also get instant mobile alerts for qualified candidates.

You can set a budget for daily or total spending (the maximum amount you will spend). Your daily budget should not exceed $7 per day. LinkedIn will give you a suggested daily budget based on jobs in similar locations and titles, so you get the most from your job posting.

To post your free job listing, click Select No. LinkedIn will offer you a free three-day trial to promote your listing.

NOTE – Choose No Thanks or Start a Free Trial.

Click Here To Apply For a Job In LinkedIn

Click Here To Apply For a Job in LinkedIn

If you wish to promote your Job listing follow this steps below:

Step 1: Make Payment

The first step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn then promote it is to make payment.

You will be asked to pay if you wish to promote your job posting. After your job has been advertised, you will be given priority placement in search results and targeted job alerts for candidates. You also get promotions in premium job advertising channels.

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You can use your default credit card to process the payment or click Add Payment Method if you want to create a new card. You pay only when someone views your job. You can also change your budget or close your job at any moment.

Step 2: Improve Your Job Post

The second step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn then promote it is to Improve your job post.

Once you have reviewed the job description and applied for the position, you can change your job posting. This includes:

  • Add your job posting to your profile
  • Add LinkedIn Skills Assessments (You will be notified if applicants pass the assessments with a 70%+)
  • Printing a Help Wanted sign (uses QR codes that direct job seekers to your LinkedIn job postings).
  • Add compensation information to your job posting. This will help your job appear in more search results.
  • Your ad should highlight the benefits offered by your company.

Step 3: Manage Your Posted Jobs

The third step to know how to post a job on LinkedIn or how to post a paid job on LinkedIn then promote it is to manage your posted jobs.

You can refer to your job post after it has been posted. This includes making changes to the job, updating payment methods, reviewing applicants, and more.

How To Share a Job Posting On LinkedIn

Your company’s news feed can be used.

Sometimes your most loyal candidates will be your best ones. Similar to the Facebook Jobs Tab, your company newsfeed can be used to share open positions from your career page.

Anyone who has liked the page will see the latest update every time you post it. These could include past or current employees, as well as those who have a particular interest and are interested in the work you do. You can post details about a job to LinkedIn’s newsfeed, which opens up communication channels with your most engaged followers and their networks.

Anyone who views news updates can also ‘like’ them. Readers can comment on the post and tag other LinkedIn users that might be a good match for the job. This job posting will be shared with connected LinkedIn users, increasing your visibility.

There are other ways to share LinkedIn careers posts.

LinkedIn is built on the strength of its networks. Don’t forget yours! You can post on your company’s page, but you also have the option of:

  • Join LinkedIn Groups: to Share Your Job: To attract people with the right skills and interests, you can share your job in the following groups or ask your network to share it with their networks.
  • Post a job to your LinkedIn profile: Your posts will be shared with your professional connections, spreading the word about your company’s open positions.

Is It Worth It To Promote a LinkedIn Job Posting?

According to LinkedIn, employers choose this route because promoted job postings get three times as many qualified candidates. Encouraged job postings are more targeted so that more qualified candidates see your job. You pay for what you get, as with most things. The more you spend on your daily budget, the more people will see your job posting.


It is simple to learn how to post a job through LinkedIn. This platform can help companies find qualified candidates. Follow the steps above and follow the prompts on LinkedIn to post your job within 15 minutes. It’s also free. Your job will have a wider reach if you pay a daily fee.



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