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APPLY NOW: Cheapest MBA in Europe To Study In 2024

APPLY NOW: Cheapest MBA in Europe To Study In 2024

An MBA is a great career choice. However, it can be challenging to find affordable schools or countries in which to study. Most importantly, you will need a scholarship or loan to attend top-notch business schools such as Harvard and Stanford. These loans are sometimes not easy to obtain.

Let’s face facts: Cost is a significant concern for many potential MBA applicants. International accreditation can make it expensive to study MBA abroad. Not to mention that many European MBA programs are located in large cities where the cost of living can be high.

We have compiled a list of countries to study the cheapest MBA program, and also outlined the cheapest MBA in Europe to study

What is an MBA

Before we know the cheapest MBA in Europe to study let’s understand what an MBA is. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. While having “MBA” on your resume can help you stand out from the crowd, the true meaning of the MBA is more than just three letters on a page. An MBA will help expand your business knowledge, increase your professional network, and improve your career prospects and salary potential.

Types of MBA programs

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The traditional MBA degree, which is full-time, is still a popular choice. However, there are many options for the MBA. MBA programs are available in various formats to suit student profiles.

1. Full-time MBA

Full-time MBA, which is an immersive, on-campus experience designed for students in the early and middle stages of their careers, is the best option. The M7 Business School offers a two-year full-time MBA program. It is the most popular in America.

One-year MBAs are very popular in Europe and Asia. They offer a more accelerated experience and require less time away from the office. Full-time MBAs can be obtained in many formats. The INSEAD MBA takes only 10 months, while London Business School allows flexible exit points after 15, 18, or 21 months.

2. Part-time MBA

Part-time MBAs allow you to work while you study. This means you won’t have to sacrifice your salary or the opportunity cost of pursuing full-time programs. Part-time MBA classes are held in the evenings, on weekends, or in flexible modular formats that combine online learning with in-person sessions.

3. Executive MBA

Part-time MBA Program for Executives. This program is designed for executives with more than 10 years of experience. EMBA programs allow senior leaders to come together, learn, network, and share their knowledge. Participants bring their professional projects into class.

4. Online MBA

The Online MBA is a super-flexible, part-time MBA experience, allowing you to continue working while studying from the comfort of your home. Online MBA programs typically require a residential component (1-2 weeks), although there are an increasing number of 100 percent-online MBA programs. Many online MBAs also allow you to pay per module and plan your own study time. This means durations for online MBA programs can vary, although most take around two years to complete.

5. MBA specializations

The MBA is a generalist degree. However, you can choose to specialize in the areas that interest you. MBA specializations are available at business schools. These include MBAs in healthcare management and finance. These programs often combine core MBA courses in control with an exceptional track of courses that are focused on your particular area.

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The US has STEM MBA programs that specialize in STEM topics. International STEM MBA graduates can stay and work in the US for up to three years without an H-1B visa.

Dual degrees can be pursued at most business schools. This means you can combine your MBA with a specialized master’s in business or cross-university programs such as the JD MBA. These programs are offered jointly by law schools and business schools.

Ten Reasons To Study For An MBA

Before we know the cheapest MBA in Europe to study let’s know the important reasons to study an MBA. Here are 10 reasons you should get an MBA if you’re still unsure.

1. An MBA Pays Well

MBA is the most highly paid degree in the world. This course is more lucrative than other courses, and graduates are more likely to succeed in any sector.

2. Good Career Opportunities

An MBA can open up many career options. You can work in various areas such as human resources, project management, and business development. There will always be opportunities to grow and improve your career.

3. A Solid Network Could Be Built

You can use networking to do business. Your sector puts you in the middle of many networks. You’ll have the opportunity to work with prominent people from different industries who will always be open to you as a partner or project.

4. An MBA Is Flexible

You can keep your job if you have an MBA. Many MBA programs can be completed online or part-time. This allows you to work at your own pace. Evening and weekend classes are also available.

5. Global Recognition of an MBA

An MBA degree can be used in other fields and is internationally recognized. You can also use your MBA certificate to work anywhere you want if it was earned from a reputable business school around the globe.

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6. An MBA is a good choice for personal development.

An MBA will change your career and make you a better person. You will learn to make better business decisions, especially in investments, starting your businesses, and negotiating.

7. It Improves Your Knowledge

An MBA will help you to expand your business knowledge and secure your place in the industry. An MBA will allow you to access and use complex information and skills.

8. You Can Decide To Be An Entrepreneur

You are a business graduate with the business management and financial planning skills needed to run a successful business.

9. Excellent communication skills

You’ll learn to communicate with people and persuade them to use business strategies that are beneficial to their company. MBA students will have a solid understanding of the art and science behind salesmanship. You will also be able to pitch to investors and make pitches.

10. Credibility

An MBA certificate will give you the credibility and authority you need to be considered an expert in your field. This will help you gain confidence from clients, whether you are working in a well-respected business or starting your own company.

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List Of Countries To explore an MBA program for a low price

An MBA is one of the most highly sought-after courses in the world. By choosing to study one, you will be well on your way to a rewarding career. Before we know the cheapest MBA in Europe to study let’s know Before we know the countries to explore an MBA program for a low price. These are some countries where you can explore an MBA program for a low price

Country Cost of MBA Cost Of Living
Switzerland CHF 28’500 –  CHF 70’000 CHF1850 per month
China RMB 188,000 to RMB 438,000 RMB 2,553.20 per year
Malaysia MYR 16,606 RM MYR 14,400 per year
Ireland €8,000 – €30,000 €7,000 – €12,000 per year
Germany €19000 – €45000 €850 per month
The Netherlands €12,000  –  €54,000 €800 – €1,100 per month
Norway Free tuition NOK 12 352 per month
France €14930 – €89000 €600 – €800 per month
Portugal 950 to 1300 euros 500 EUR to 800 EUR per month
Mexico MXN.721,216.76 MXN 41,423 per month
Iceland *Depends on the institution* ISK 120,000 per month
Sweden Free SEK 12,000 per month
Greece 1500  – 2000 EUR per year 450–750 EUR per month
Poland 36,893 – 55,317 PLN per year PLN 1,500
Spain 960 – 1,800 EUR 900 – 1,100 EUR
Canada CAD 30,435 -CAD31,856 CAD 12,000 per year

Top 10 List Of Cheapest MBA in Europe To Study

These are affordable MBA in Europe which includes international MBA programs which is taken by best colleges in Europe:

Note: Most affordable MBA programs in Europe 

1. Central European University (CEU)

First on our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is Central European University (CEU), CEU’s MBA program is one of the best executive MBA in Europe, which is full-time and AMBA-accredited, is among the most affordable in the world. This is due to a gift from George Soros, the school’s founder. The school’s location in Budapest is a bonus for value-seekers, as Budapest generally has lower living costs than other major European cities.

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2. University College Birmingham

On our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is University College Birmingham, The UCB MBA was designed to meet the needs and goals of students looking to learn managerial and business skills. It also helps students become more successful and effective as business leaders. University College Birmingham (UCB), renowned for its first-class teaching methods and quality learning programs, regularly receives accolades from various awarding bodies.

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3. MIB Trieste School of Management

Also on our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is MIB Trieste School of Management, Tucked away in the picturesque northeast corner of Italy, MIB’s Trieste location is hard to beat in terms of MIB’s Trieste location, nestled in the beautiful northeast corner of Italy, is hard to beat for natural beauty. The school also offers the AMBA-accredited MBA program in Europe at one of the lowest prices. However, don’t let this fool you: MIB is ranked by FIND MBA as one of the top European business schools.

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4. Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Still on our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Athens-based AUEB offers an international MBA program at a very affordable cost. It is one of few AMBA-accredited MBA programs in Greece. The full-time MBA program at the school can be completed within 14 months.

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5. Hochschule Pforzheim

On our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Today, those wishing to pursue an internationally-accredited MBA in Germany have no shortage of options. Pforzheim’s MBA in International Management is priced at the same price as AACSB-accredited programs from German business schools. A bachelor’s degree can be used to shorten the program and pay less.

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6. Teesside University

On our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is Teesside University, Teesside University is a leading center for education in the UK. It is also ranked in the UK’s top 100 universities for management and business courses. It is well-known for its Accounting and Finance programs. This program is designed to help students meet senior educational leaders’ needs and academic skills.

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7. University of Ulster

Also on our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is University of Ulster, Ulster has over 24,000 students and is Northern Ireland’s most important university. The MSc Management program offers advanced qualifications and practical managerial experience. This program enhances graduates’ existing skills and knowledge by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and knowledge necessary to manage and lead in a variety of industries.

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8. Poznan University of Economics

Part-time MBA programs in Poznan are ideal for students from Poland and other regions who wish to visit Poznan for module work. The school’s MBA program is AMBA-accredited. It is in partnership with Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business. This is one of the top MBA programs in Europe.

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9. Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (CNAM) – International Institute of Management

Paris isn’t a cheap place to live. Students who are on a budget and want to get their MBA in Paris may be interested in doing it as cheaply as possible. The CNAM Paris-based International MBA Program was less expensive than other programs in the area. This is one of the best MBA programs in Europe.

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10. Glasgow Caledonian University

Lastly on our list of cheapest MBA in Europe to study is Glasgow Caledonian University, The MBA program at Glasgow Caledonian University gives insight into the leading practices in various industries and research and theory from multiple sectors. The students study different topics, which provides them with an understanding and breadth of essential management functions, including project management, global strategy, people management, and risk management. This also helps to improve their leadership skills.

We hope this list have helped you in getting an MBA in Europe which is cheap and affordable.

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