PhD Scholarships For Latin American Students To Apply In 2022

If you've viewed the most recent PhD scholarships for Latin American students, You'll see that there are numerous top institutions to select from throughout the region. Many of them are also included in the world's top rankings.

The tuition and living expenses are typically lower when students have PhD scholarships for Latin American students; However, a little more money is likely to be useful for international students.

Below is a list of the current PhD scholarships for Latin American students and financial opportunities available to those who want to obtain their PH.D. In comparison, certain are government-sponsored, while private universities or other external organizations provide others for students of all levels of education.

Top PhD Scholarships For Latin American Students

PhD scholarships for Latin American students

1. CIEE Bowman Travel Grants

The Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Travel Grant provides funds for flights from and to the CIEE Program for college students that qualify in federal grants for Pell. 


  1. Students submit the details of their FAFSA student aid Report.
  2. Send in a CIEE Scholarships and Grants application before the 15th of October (spring programs) or on the 1st of April (summer and autumn programs).

Students who qualify to receive Pell assistance are assured assistance if they meet the requirements above.

Semester/Quarterly Programmes: $1,000 toward airfare

Programs in Summer 500 dollars towards airfare


2. Roberto Rocca Education Program

Roberto Rocca Scholarships are granted to engineering students at the undergraduate level in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania, UK, Uruguay, and the USA.

Although each Program in a country has distinctive features, they are granted only for students studying at the nation's universities. Local programs are administered in the organizations' Human Resources departments that sponsor them in each country. The Program awards more than 650 scholarships to students attending more than 80 colleges and universities every year.

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3. International Undergraduate Scholarship 2022

This scholarship will be worth £2 000 annually for courses offered in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Social Sciences and £2,500 for each year of classes in the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health with the Faculty of Science.

The scholarship is awarded during the following academic year, subject to continued academic performance. Please see below for further details.

There is no additional application for scholarships required. If you have the eligibility and requirements for the award, the scholarship can be used as a tuition reduction.

To be eligible for this award, you must select your University of Sheffield as your firm or insurance option before 16:30 (UK hour) on the 17th of June in 2022.


4. Vice Chancellor's International Attainment Scholarship


This prestigious award will honor four outstanding international students enrolled on a full-time undergraduate degree.

  • 50 percent of tuition costs for four years
  • Four awards available
  • Exclusions are applicable.
  • Application necessary

All scholarships are granted with conditions and terms.

Deadline 15:00 BST the 9th of June 2022

Terms and Conditions


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5. LLB Senior Status Scholarship 2022/23

Latin American students can obtain £4000 during their first year of studies when applying for LLB Senior Status.

Latin American students enrolling in Autumn 2022 will automatically be assessed to be eligible for the LLB senior status scholarship worth £4000.

VALUE: £4000

  • PS4000 reduction in tuition costs for the year 1
  • No application necessary
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All scholarships are granted with conditions and terms.. 

Terms and Conditions


6. Queen's Excellence Award

To support exceptional Latin American students continuing their undergraduate Program. There are some restrictions.

This merit-based award is only available for international students who start their full-time and long-duration undergraduate Program in 2022/23. Candidates with 75% or more during their academic year in 2022/23 are eligible for an award based on merit the following semester, 2023/24. Extraordinary students who maintain a minimum GPA of 75% can be awarded this award over consecutive years.


All scholarships are granted with conditions and terms.

It is not necessary to apply.

VALUE: £2000


7. International Office Postgraduate Scholarships

New Latin American students are studying full-time postgraduate courses taught by a professor. The exclusions are in place.

The awards are made automatically to international students living in Latin American enrolment.

  • One year award of £2000 (fee amount 1)
  • One year award of £3000 (fee rate of 2)
  • The Program is not included. Queen's Management School PGT programs
  • No application necessary

All scholarships are granted according to the terms and conditions.

Value: £2000 or £3000


8. Queen's Management School Scholarship for Latin America

Latin American students studying eligible postgraduate-level taught programs in Queen's Management School in 2022/23 (Excludes MBA).

Awards of £5000 are available to students from other countries living in Latin America.

All eligible applications will be examined, and a confirmation of the award will be provided shortly after you have received the offer.

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All scholarships are granted with conditions and terms.

No application necessary


9. Mente Argentina Scholarships

Whether you're doing a semester of studying or working towards a master's degree, working with one of the Argentine organizations, or participating in an enjoyable short course, Mente Argentina's courses are designed for students looking to take a trip to Argentina from a local point of view. Explore Argentina take part in the things you enjoy, and begin this fantastic journey through Mente Argentina!

The headquarters are located in Buenos Aires; Mente Argentina is a nonprofit organization established to provide opportunities for international education and top-quality support for students from all over the world through innovative, individualized immersion programs. We are committed to providing an innovative program that allows students to experience Argentina distinctively and distinctively while in the process, helping them achieve academic success as well as promoting global competency and personal development.


10. Queen's Loyalty Scholarship 2022/23

To be the eligible Latin American students enrolling in 2022/23.

Open to international students eligible to return to an undergraduate postgraduate taught or postgraduate research program. There are some restrictions.

Online application is required.

  • 20% reduction in tuition for the year 1
  • Exclusions are applicable.
  • Application necessary

All scholarships are with conditions and terms.


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