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Apply Now: Vergottis Scholarship 2022

Apply Now: Vergottis Scholarship 2022

George & Marie Vergottis Foundation offers scholarship that they provide to applicants who must cover tuition fees.

Vergottis scholarship award will be granted to those who have been successful and includes the full tuition fee and a maintenance award. This post will discuss the best way to apply for the Vergottis scholarship.

About George & Marie Vergottis Foundation

In 1938 Marie Marinidis married George R. Vergottis. She was a devoted wife and a spirited companion for George. Her intelligence, wit, and humor, paired with her beauty and elegance, created a sparkling presence that impressed people around her.

She was a passionate patron of the arts, especially music. She was also a perfectionist with a talent for beauty, making her a sought-after collector even at an early age. She accumulated an impressive collection of Chinese porcelain, which she donated entirely to the Fondation de l’Hermitage in Lausanne, Switzerland.

While spending most of George R. Vergottis’s life away from Greece, his love for Kefalonia never diminished. This was made precise thanks to the affluence of donations to charities in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the region in 1953. This was the reason that led the Athens Academy in 1964 to give him a Gold Medal and name him “National Benefactor” for his “distinguished and varied actions, particularly in his home country of Kefalonia and forming a uniquely humane and generous example.”

Following the death of her father, Marie Vergottis implemented her husband’s vision. They dreamed of establishing a cultural center in Kourkoumelata Kefalonia by establishing 1976 the George and Marie Vergottis Foundation. The bequests her legacy left, besides paying tribute to her husband’s memory and highlighting the graciousness that she exhibited – her hallmark throughout her lifetime.

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About Vergottis Scholarship

The George & Marie Vergottis Foundation offers financial aid for students attending Kefalonia high schools who have excelled in the Panhellenic exams.

The chosen students are screened directly by the Directorate of Secondary Education – Ministry of Education – in Kefalonia by combining their scores in the entrance exam. The students awarded an honors diploma are acknowledged in a special award ceremony.

In addition, you can also avail George & Marie Vergottis scholarship programs that are only available to Greek students in 5 highly selective, prestigious educational institutions.

Application Process

Please be aware that the scholarship and fellowships offered by the following institutions are administered and awarded independently and directly by the respective institutions. The rule is that students interested in applying must follow a 2-step process …

  • Make an application first to be considered for admission.
  • If admission is granted, the applicant could be eligible for “George and Marie Vergottis Scholarship funding by applying for financial assistance.

Selection Process

The selection process is carried out solely in Kefalonia’s Directorate of Secondary Education – Ministry of Education. The Board of Directors of the Foundation determines:

  • The number of awards that will be given
  • The economic worth of each award
  • The exact time and location of the award’s special ceremony.


For More information

George & Marie Vergottis Foundation
Attn: Administrator
Koukoumelata, Kefalonia
Greece 28100
Or email: [email protected]

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