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Top 10 Google Free Courses and Certification In 2022 [UPDATED]

Top 10 Google Free Courses and Certification In 2022 [UPDATED]


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Online learning was never as simple as it is today. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection to start learning. It wasn’t that easy or accessible in the past ten years.

The majority of people were inclined to offline learning. Both offline and online learning has advantages and disadvantages. We’ll write a separate piece on this subject. This article will concentrate on the best Google certification courses for online learning.


Google Free Courses and Certification helps all of us in a way. For students, it’s always the first place to begin looking for information. However, Google serves not only as a Search Engine but also has different online courses and accreditations.

There are a variety of online courses in the market offered by Google to help you master the fundamental subjects in computer science or to expand your understanding of Google’s Google platform. The training Certifications will equip you with the necessary skills that will make you be noticed at work.


Furthermore, once you have completed the assignment and tests, you will receive a certificate that will open opportunities with your employer or other business professionals.

Before we get into the details of this article, let us know about the benefits of Google free courses and certification and also provide answers to a few questions most people ask. If you’d like, you may bypass our list of courses below.

Advantages of Google free courses and Certification

  • No cost short Online Courses
  • No registration fee is required.
  • Unlimited Access
  • Videos Available
  • Free Recognized Certificate
  • Learn at home and earn money for nothing
  • You can receive guidance on how to expand your business using Digital growth using Google.
  • Earn High.

How can I get Google Free Courses and Certification?

It is based on the area that you wish to be certified in. Google currently offers only one or two free certification programs, and should you be eager to study any of them, you’re in the right place. The listing of all these programs is below.


Eligibility Criteria Google Free Courses and Certification

  • International Students from any Country From Any Corner of the Globe.
  • Candidates with Scool, Graduating, or Higher Degrees, any qualifications are eligible.
  • There are no age limitations.
  • No Restrictions on Academic Backgrounds.


  • Free Google certificates
  • Paid Certificates (Google Does Not Charge for Certificates; however certain Partners organizations associated with Google charge a fee for Certificates.

Does Google provide free classes?

Sure, Google provides free google classes under various initiatives and programs. There are a few of the most well-known ones listed below.

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Top 10 Google Free Courses and Certification

Google Free Courses and Certification


1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

First on our list of Google Free Courses and Certification is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, This fundamental course on Digital Marketing is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. It is offered through Google through the Digital Garage initiative. It includes 26 informative modules designed by experienced Google trainers.

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In each lecture, you will be provided with numerous questions and exercises. This will aid you in testing your understanding side-by-side.

After you have completed the course, you’ll need to take an examination. To be able to get the certificate, you must be able to pass the test. The test has 40 questions, of which you need to complete 32 of them correctly.

Why Should You Take this Course?

  • The course is free of charge and is also offered by Google.
  • Students will receive Google certifications free.
  • Discover a brand new talent from the point you’re at.
  • Forty hours of energy-packed content.
  • Test your skills with a quiz and exercises. your knowledge


2. Google Analytics Academy Courses

Analytics is another excellent tool provided by Google to analyze websites and applications.  This google certificate programs is an extremely useful tool for digital Marketers or Analysts. Using Analytics Academy, Google tries to offer all the necessary guides to master the functions.

The introductory courses available include:

  • Google Analytics is perfect for Beginners
  • Google Analytics for Advanced and Power Users
  • An Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

After you have completed the course, you can take the certification at Google Skillshop. It’s a non-cost certification called Google Analytics Individual Qualification.


3. Google Ads Certifications

Also on our list of Google Free Courses and Certification is Google Ads Certifications, Formerly known as Academy for Ads, it is now Google Skillshop. Google Ads, called Pay Per Click ads, is an extremely popular technique to brush up on. Large or small businesses are large or small businesses looking to expand using Digital Advertisements.

Businesses require people who can manage ads and improve their capabilities. This is why it’s useful if you want to master an entirely new skill to advance your professional career. It is simple to master Google Ads through the Google free online certification course.

You must sign up for your account on Google Skillshop and choose Google Ads Certification. Many tutorials and modules will guide you through the learning process.


4. Google Android Development Training

Android is among the most used operating systems available for Mobile or smart gadgets. Learning Android Development skills can help you get a job. Google has made an entire section on the process of learning Android Development.

Google has divided the content of its courses based on the level of understanding. A portion is for those new to the field, while the other is for developers with experience who want to be aware of new features and updates.

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You can pick any one from the following:

  • Android Development for Beginners
  • Android development for experienced developers

Once you’ve completed the course, you are eligible to complete your Google Associate Android certification test and earn the certification. It is a fee-based exam, and you’ll be given one chance to pass it. You can take the exam off the table if you want the information.


5. Google Web Developers Training

Also on our list of Google Free Courses and Certification is Google Web Developers Training, This is not a subject for the novice but rather for those who already have a background in web development. Google gives the most up-to-date information on web development through guides, videos, news and summits. It assists developers in creating the best web-based experience.

Additionally, there is information on the most current tools and technologies like Lighthouse, Puppeteer, Workbox and many others. Once you have completed the basic training, you can take an optional Google Developers certification exam to be certified.

The most important thing to remember is that your knowledge is the most important thing and how to apply it productively. The certificates are just a way to show your abilities more efficiently and organizationally.


7. Firebase in a Weekend (Udacity)

Firebase at the weekend is an instructional course that will help you understand how to utilize the Firebase platform for app development. After completing this course, you’ll know how to allow users to sign in, collect their data linked to them, and then send them messages.

Additionally, you will learn to use Firebase’s Security and Rules language to ensure the security of and access to your information. After this course, you’ll be able to understand the basics of Firebase Analytics so you can begin collecting data right from the beginning.

Important topics:

  • Why should you select Firebase
  • Initiating the firebase project
  • Writing and reading with Firebase
  • Storing Data
  • How do you configure remotes?
  • Cloud functions introduction for Firebase
  • Mobile app functionality can be extended with server-side node


  • Rich learning content
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Professionals from the industry will instruct you.
  • Learning at your own pace


8. Fundamentals of digital marketing (Google)

Also on our list of Google Free Courses and Certification is Fundamentals of digital marketing, The fundamentals of digital marketing are the most effective way to master different SEO-related methods. It’s one of the top Google certifications for career advancement that the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe recognizes.

This free google certification program includes 26 modules that allow you to explore deep learning materials developed through Google trainers. This study guide is full of exercises that are practical and provides real-world examples that will help you succeed in your understanding of digital marketing.

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The most important topics are:

  • The digital garage’s intro
  • Create a web presence for your business
  • Create your online business plan
  • How can I get started by using search
  • Find yourself through the search
  • Be noticed by the use of search ads
  • How can you increase the effectiveness of your search marketing campaigns
  • Be noticed by social media
  • How to manage Content Marketing
  • Advertisement on other websites
  • Start by analyzing your data
  • Create your online store


  • Learning at your own pace
  • Video tutorials
  • Access to all content
  • Recognized as a valid a certification


9. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals (Google)

Also on our list of Google Free Courses and Certification is Google Tag Manager Fundamentals (Google), Google Tag manager fundamental helps you learn about various marketing and analytics tags. This self-paced Google training course teaches you how to utilize Google Tag Manager. This Google Career certificate will help you to make tag implementation easier and manage the process for marketers, analysts, and developers.

Important topics:

  • Beginning with Google tag management
  • Begin with a measurement plan
  • Develop a tag implementation strategy
  • Tag manager overview
  • Installation of your Google Analytics tag. Google Analytics tag
  • Create the GA Property variable and cross-domain tracking
  • Know the layer of data
  • Transfer static values into custom dimensions
  • Learn how to set up a Google Ads tracker for conversions.
  • Set up a dynamic remarketing


10. Google’s Python Class (Google)

Lastly on our list of Google Free Courses and Certification is Google’s Python Class, Python Class is a free Google course designed for those with some programming experience who want to master Python.

This free google certification courses contains written materials, lecture videos, and numerous exercises that allow you to practice Python programming. These materials should be utilized within Google to teach Python to those with no prior knowledge of programming.

The course begins by teaching the basics of Python concepts such as lists and strings before building advanced Python topics such as using process files, text files, and HTTP connections.

This course is perfect for people with a basic programming background who understand the meaning of a “variable” and an “if statements”. However, you don’t require to be an expert programmer to benefit from this course.

Important topics:

  • Python Set-Up
  • Python Intro
  • Introduction to string
  • The Sorting and List functions in Python
  • Dictionary and Files
  • Regular expression
  • Utilities


  • Basic Python exercises
  • Log puzzles python exercises
  • Baby names Python exercise
  • Copy special python exercise

The prerequisite is previous experience required to join the program designed for newcomers.




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