Home General Must Read: How to Apply for Google Apprenticeship 2022

Must Read: How to Apply for Google Apprenticeship 2022

Must Read: How to Apply for Google Apprenticeship 2022


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Are you interested in working for Google and knowing how to apply for google apprenticeship? Google determines how we consume information every day. Google Paid Internship, along with the Apprenticeship Program, has been designed to assist you in building your future through Google. All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply from one of countries around the globe.

Every person deserves to connect with people within the tech industry and other fields and be able to establish an established network of colleagues.


The Apprenticeships program is available to those interested in a study-and-work program with Google. Participants will gain practical experience and be paid for the process.

Google Apprenticeships Program

How to Apply for Google Apprenticeship


Apprenticeships aid in building digital competencies by offering opportunities for working and studying. They could be a crucial element of your path to an exciting career.

During the program, students receive exposure to various areas and teams within Google and external training and building their skills for the job.

Google offers apprenticeship programs backed through Build Your Future With Google. These programs are open to all people of different religions, backgrounds and races.


The brand doesn’t just tolerate different opinions; they acknowledge them, embrace them, and even thrive off them to benefit their employees, products and the community in which they operate.

Apprentices are part of Google’s task to develop excellent products for each user, and their diverse experiences will ensure that the products are as varied in their user base. In the US, Google has apprenticeships in all of its principal offices.

List of Google Apprentice Programs

Apprenticeship Duration Location
Sales and Marketing Apprenticeship 12 Months France
Software Engineering Apprenticeship Varies France
Customer Engineering Apprenticeship 24 Months France
Data Analytics Apprenticeship 24 Months India
Digital Marketing Apprenticeship 24 Months India
Information Technology Apprenticeship 12 Months India
Project Management Apprenticeship 24 Months India
Software Engineering Apprenticeship 24 Months Ireland
Data Center Technician Apprenticeship Varies Netherlands
Application Development Apprenticeship EFZ 4 Years Switzerland
Interactive Media Designer EFZ 4 Years Switzerland
Digital Marketing Apprenticeship 15 Months United Kingdom
Information Technology Apprenticeship 15 Months United Kingdom
Software Engineering Apprenticeship 24 Months United Kingdom
Data Analytics Apprenticeship 20 Months United States
Digital Marketing Apprenticeship 20 Months United States
Information Technology Apprenticeship 12 Months United States
Project Management Apprenticeship 20 Months United States
UX Design Apprenticeship 20 Months United States
Software Engineering Apprenticeship 20 Months United States
Human Resources Apprenticeship 12 Months France
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What is Google’s apprenticeship pay?

They make a decent amount of money, earning an average of $5,678 monthly. This figure varies according to the location, field, degree, and position. For instance, if you sign up for a two-year program and earn over $100,000 in the amount of time you work for Google. In addition to the regular monthly salary, you will also be granted access to various advantages.


Google Apprenticeship Requirements

Let’s review what’s required to be the first apprentice of Google by 2022.

  • You must be legally allowed to work within the nation you’re applying to.
  • You should be able to quickly write and speak English and the local language (if that language is not English).
  • You must demonstrate high academic achievement at any education grade with a strong focus on subjects relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • You must send the following documents.
    • An up-to-date resume
    • An introduction letter or a short essay (depending on the type of apprenticeship) detailing your motivation for becoming an apprentice on Google.
  • Students from abroad and those with university degrees are qualified to apply.

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How to Apply for Google Apprenticeship?

Below are procedures on how to apply for google apprenticeship

  1. Check if you’re suitable for the program you’re applying for.
  2. Go to the application page by clicking the link provided below.
  3. Include a resume, an introduction letter or brief essay responses.
  4. The applicants who qualify will be contacted by email.
  5. Eligible candidates will be subjected to the selection process, which could be through a phone call or in-person interviews with Google.
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Apply HERE

For more details on how to apply for google apprenticeship, CLICK HERE.



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