Home General Must Read: How To Become Harley Certified Mechanic in 2023

Must Read: How To Become Harley Certified Mechanic in 2023

Must Read: How To Become Harley Certified Mechanic in 2023

Read this article now to know how to become Harley certified mechanic. Becoming a Harley Davidson mechanic is a dream for many coming up in the market. Harley-Davidson mechanic training is offered at various public and private technical training organizations.

Selecting to become a Harley mechanic is more specific. If you grew up with the imagine becoming a Harley Davidson mechanic or wish to grow your already progressing profession, this is the short article for you.

What Do Motorcycle Mechanics Do?

So Before we know how to become Harley certified mechanic, let’s know who a Motorcycle Mechanics is. As a motorcycle mechanic, the upkeep, repair, and service of motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds are your primary obligations.

Your job tasks consist of testing and identifying issues, utilizing hand tools and power tools to do repair work and change parts, reconstructing engines, fixing brakes, drive chains, forks, and transmissions, and conducting motorcycle repair work and routine upkeep, like oil modifications.

You must have strong analytical and people abilities to succeed in repair jobs and work with other motorcycle mechanics.

According to Harley-Davidson. Com, Harley-Davidson dealerships require technical training to be worked with as a mechanic. Some schools that provide specialized training are Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix and Orlando, Florida (which offers a complete education aligned with Harley-Davidson University), Fort Scott Neighborhood College in Kansas, Central Carolina Neighborhood College in North Carolina, and Lake Washington Technical College in Washington.

Training Program Overviews for a Harley Davidson Mechanic

The first step to know how to become Harley certified mechanic is understanding the training program overview. A Harley mechanic first requires to get their training at a good location. From technical to employment school, getting the training specific to Harley is a crucial part of the process.

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Getting started, you may begin by exploring your regional trade schools. It is common for these schools to provide motorcycle mechanic task certification and several degree programs for working as a Harley mechanic.

Suppose you wish to get your hands filthy. Getting more thorough training from a specific school can benefit you. By looking into colleges in and around your location, you will likely discover both 2- and 4-year degree programs with an education geared primarily towards Harley Davidson motors.

Advantages Of Becoming a Harley Davidson Mechanic

Must Read: How To Become Harley Certified Mechanic in 2023

The second step to know how to become a Harley certified mechanic is understanding the advantages or benefits. Becoming a Harley-Davidson Technician unlocks many different job chances. You can work in a Harley-Davidson dealership, V-twin custom-made store, or Harley-Davidson Race Team, a store that brings back older Harley-Davidson bikes or goes into service for yourself.

Specialised Training

The third step to know how to become a certified Harley Davidson mechanic is knowing the specialized training. Harley-Davidson’s specialized training consists of

  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Chassis Service
  • Screamin Eagle
  • Crash Estimating
  • Big Twin Power-train
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • The Harley-Davidson 45-inch engine.
  • Buell, V-Rod

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Harley Davidson Technician Salary & Responsibilities

Generally beginning at $19.28 an hour, this position of Harley Davidson technician is scheduled for those who concentrate on repair work and upkeep of the uniquely created, massive, high-torque twin engines found in none other than Harley Davidson bikes.

In some cases, referred to as a mechanic, this is the beginning of the ladder for professionals in the market and requires all the vital standard engine understanding and experience.

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A Harley Davidson service specialist is on an income of around $63,676, making them among the higher-paid staff members in the realm of Harley Davidson motorcycle mechanics.

Their focus depends on providing different services based on their location of proficiency. For example, many concentrate on maintaining engines regularly. Things like brakes and so forth need to be serviced regularly to keep motorbikes running smoothly. Likewise, one also practices regular repair and maintenance.

How to Become a Certified Harley Mechanic

A certified Harley Davison mechanic needs unique accreditation so you can quickly be determined as a certified candidate with the appropriate know-how.

This can include, however, not always limited to, accreditation within one’s state and licensure as is appropriate. A licensed Harley Davison mechanic should represent your capability to perform minor engine repairs.

Ultimately, one needs to be able to display their technical knowledge and specialty with Harley Davidson Motors.


To become a Harley mechanic, one needs the correct training and experience. For starters, a high school diploma and an apprenticeship are necessary for addition to the appropriate training.

Depending on where you want to end up, college or trade training is also required. While it seems like a lot, you can start your journey to become a Harley mechanic in just a few steps.

Contact your local training facilities today to figure out your primary step.



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