Get €200 in Europe or €300 Outside Europe with the Individual Travel Grant

The Individual Travel Grant offered by the Radboud University Profiling Fund (IRS) presents an opportunity for Master's and Bachelor's students embarking on study programs, internships, or research projects abroad and find themselves ineligible for Erasmus or Holland Scholarship grants. This grant aims to alleviate the additional financial burden of international travel, offering €200 for destinations within Europe and €300 for destinations outside Europe.

One key consideration for prospective applicants is the eligibility criteria. To qualify for the Individual Travel Grant, you must pursue a study program, internship, or research project abroad that other major scholarship schemes do not cover. These grant supplements cover airfare, visa fees, accommodation rentals, and vaccinations. However, it's important to note that if your study exchange does not incur extra expenses, such as a virtual study exchange, you may not be eligible for this grant.

Approval from your study program or faculty is essential for securing the Individual Travel Grant. Your institution's endorsement ensures that your international exchange is academically relevant and aligns with your educational goals. This alignment is crucial as it demonstrates to the funding body that your time abroad will contribute meaningfully to your academic and professional development.

Furthermore, the Individual Travel Grant reflects Radboud University's commitment to supporting students' global academic pursuits. By providing financial assistance tailored to the challenges of international mobility, the university acknowledges the value of cross-cultural experiences and aims to facilitate enriching educational opportunities for its students.


The Radboud University Profiling Fund's Individual Travel Grant (IRS) eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that the grant recipients meet certain conditions that align with the fund's objectives. Here are the key eligibility requirements:

  • Enrollment at Radboud University: To be eligible for the Individual Travel Grant, you must be registered as a full-time student in either a bachelor's or Master's program at Radboud University. This requirement emphasizes the university's commitment to supporting its students in their international endeavours.
  • Duration of Exchange Program: Your exchange program abroad must last at least two consecutive months. This criterion reflects the fund's focus on supporting substantial and meaningful international experiences that provide students with valuable insights and learning opportunities over an extended period.
  • Exchange Program Abroad: The grant is for exchange programs outside the Netherlands. This requirement encourages students to explore diverse cultural and academic environments beyond their home country.
  • Non-Receipt of Other Grants: Applicants should receive something other than an Erasmus grant, Holland Scholarship Programme grant, or any grant from the Radboud Honours Academy during the same period. This condition ensures that the grant is directed towards students who need access to other major funding sources for their international activities.
  • Earning Course Credits: Your exchange program abroad must allow you to earn course credits that contribute to your academic progress and fulfil the requirements of your study program.
  • Previous Grants: If you have already received a Holland Scholarship or Individual Travel Grant for study, medical internship, or research during your current study cycle, you may not be eligible for another grant under the IRS.
  • Departure Timing: Finally, applicants must depart for their exchange program abroad more than two weeks from the time of application. This requirement ensures the grant is awarded to students who have adequately planned and prepared for their international experience.
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Meeting these eligibility criteria demonstrates your suitability for the Individual Travel Grant and increases your chances of securing funding for your study, internship, or research abroad.


The benefits of the Radboud University Profiling Fund's Individual Travel Grant (IRS) are structured to provide financial support to students pursuing study programs, internships, or research projects abroad. Here are the key benefits outlined for grant recipients:

  • Financial Compensation: The grant offers a monthly compensation of €200 for stays within Europe and €300 for stays outside Europe. This financial support aims to offset the additional expenses of international travel, accommodation, and living costs during your study-related stay abroad.
  • Calculation Based on Duration: The grant amount you receive will be calculated based on the number of days of your study-related stay abroad. This ensures that the grant is proportionate to the actual duration of your international experience, providing fair and appropriate financial assistance.
  • Maximum Duration: The compensation is provided for a maximum of 4 months. This duration limit encourages students to plan their study programs or projects abroad efficiently, making the most of the financial support offered by the grant within a reasonable timeframe.

The Individual Travel Grant offers structured and reasonable financial benefits, enabling students to engage in valuable international experiences without significant financial barriers. This support is designed to enhance Radboud University students' educational and cultural exchange opportunities.

Application Process For Individual Travel Grant

To begin your application for a stay abroad and for the Individual Travel Grant (IRS), you will need to access your Osiris account, the university's online portal for student services. Through Osiris, you can initiate your application for a study program, internship, or research project abroad. Once your faculty's International Office has provisionally approved your application, you will automatically receive an email containing further instructions for submitting your grant application.

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It's important to note that the grant application process typically opens each year around April for the subsequent academic year. Therefore, if you plan to go abroad for your studies or projects in the upcoming academic year, you should receive an email with detailed instructions for your grant application in April. However, April has passed, or your study abroad plans are within the current academic year. In that case, you will receive the email with grant application instructions approximately one working day after your stay abroad has been officially approved in Osiris.

The email you receive will include a link to a web form that provides additional explanations and guidance regarding the grant application process. It's essential to complete and accurately this web form, as it serves as the formal application for the Individual Travel Grant. Ensure you provide all required information and follow any specific instructions outlined in the email and on the web form to complete your application successfully.

By following these steps and submitting a thorough and timely grant application through the provided web form, you can maximize your chances of receiving financial support through the Radboud University Profiling Fund's Individual Travel Grant for your international study or research endeavours.



In conclusion, the Radboud University Profiling Fund's Individual Travel Grant (IRS) offers valuable financial support to students undertaking study programs, internships, or research projects abroad. With clear eligibility criteria, structured benefits, and a straightforward application process, this grant facilitates meaningful international experiences and academic growth for Radboud University students.

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