Exploring a Graduate Journey: From Cameroon to Paris


Ange Bernardin Chambissie Kameni’s Inspiring Journey to Master’s in France

Embarking on his academic journey in Cameroon, Ange Bernardin Chambissie Kameni initially set his sights on a computer science degree. However, lacking honours in his baccalaureate exams led to a redirection towards physics, his second preference. Unfazed by this setback, Ange saw it as an opportunity to showcase his academic prowess.

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing Opportunities

Encouraged by senior students and motivated by a newfound determination, Ange dedicated himself to his studies in fundamental physics. His hard work paid off when he graduated top of his class, a testament to his resilience and academic capabilities.

With his bachelor’s degree, Ange set his sights on international education, navigating the complex world of scholarships. Utilizing the Etudes en France platform, he applied to a maximum of seven programs and directly to Université Paris-Saclay through their candidate platform. His academic excellence shone through, earning him the prestigious Paris Saclay IDEX scholarship for a master’s in physics and applications.

Choosing Université Paris-Saclay: A Decision Driven by Reputation

Université Paris-Saclay’s stellar reputation in physical sciences, vouched for by a senior student, was a major factor in Ange’s decision. Known for its exceptional training and abundant opportunities, the university presented an ideal platform for him to further his studies.

Navigating the Transition: Visa Processes and Cultural Adaptations

The journey to France was streamlined for Ange, thanks to the support from the university’s DVEEC and Science Accueil organization. They assisted him in obtaining a visa, finding accommodation, opening a bank account, and university registration.

Upon arrival, Ange experienced a cultural shift in France’s educational system and classroom dynamics. Adapting to these changes, he learned to be more independent and communicative. Despite initial challenges in socializing, he gradually formed connections, starting with a fellow international student he met in a canteen queue.

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Contributing and Thriving: Becoming a Student Representative

Ange’s role as the student representative for his course further facilitated his integration. This position enabled him to interact closely with French students, understand their culture, and advocate for fellow students’ needs.

Achieving Academic Excellence: Finishing Among the Top of the Class

Ange’s journey culminated in another significant achievement: finishing in the top five of his class at the end of the academic year. This accomplishment was not only a personal triumph but also a reflection of the support and guidance from his professors.


Ange Bernardin Chambissie Kameni’s journey from Cameroon to Paris is a story of resilience, determination, and academic success. It highlights the importance of perseverance, the value of embracing new opportunities, and the transformative power of education in crossing cultural and geographical boundaries.