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Electro Technical Marine Certifications in Europe In 2023

Electro Technical Marine Certifications in Europe In 2023

Looking for Electro technical marine certifications in europe, here are some resources to help you expand your search now that you have decided to pursue a maritime occupation. Have you ever wondered about the duties of an Electro-Technical Officer while attempting to pursue a program in this field?

The Electro Technical Officer (ETO) is among the more current seafarer ranks and is responsible for monitoring and keeping all electrical and electronic devices onboard to ensure the safe and effective operation of the ship.

ETO positions on ships are very new, which is an intriguing element of this employment. While boats have constantly had a Master (Captain) and Chief Officer, as well as deck teams such as Able Bodied Seamen and Bosuns, the advancement of electrical and electronic devices has required the work of specialized team members to maintain it. In this short article, we will be going over the top electrotechnical marine certifications in Europe.

What Is the Role of An Electro Technical Officer?

Electro Technical Marine Certifications in Europe In 2023

A ship’s electrotechnical officer is accountable for various responsibilities relating to the ship’s electrical systems. Like many maritime professions, as a ship officer in charge of electronic devices, you will likely report to a primary engineer who supervises whatever is on a ship. In addition, your ship duties under a chief engineer would include the following:

  • Maintenance and operation of shipboard electrical equipment
  • Process of electrical parts such as engine spaces, radio interactions, electronic navigation requirements such as echo sounders, Gyro compass, autopilot, Broadcast, internal aerial system, Weather Fax, RADAR system, telephone and recall system, in addition to satellite interactions.
  • Address basic electrical requirements such as refrigeration, bridge systems, and control spaces.
  • Maintainance of emergency systems, such as emergency switches, smoke alarms, and detectors
  • Assist chief officer with daily tasks, especially those referring to electrical handling.
  • Coordinate work with shore-based technicians.
  • Comparable to other ship officers, an electrical officer plays an essential function throughout emergencies. You would be accountable for dealing with emergency scenarios and guaranteeing that all security equipment is always available.
  • An electrotechnical officer examines the ship’s electrical and technical functions.
  • An electrical officer is vital for cruise ships and traveler vessels with substantial electrical requirements and unmanned innovation.
  • Whatever from refrigeration to cooling would fall under your instructions as the electrotechnical officer on such vessels.
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What Kind of Equipment Does an ETO Utilize?

From the electronic communications networks that aid in safe navigation to the air conditioning that keeps visitors and travelers cool and comfortable, the ETO is kept quite busy. On any given day at sea, an Electro-Technical Officer may work with this wheel mark or wheelmark which has marine approval:

  • Refrigeration systems
  • Emmergency switches
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Backup battery systems
  • Transmission and internal antenna systems
  • IT systems
  • Radar systems
  • Navigational lights
  • Echo sounders and autopilot systems are examples of electronic navigation aids.
  • Fax weather receivers
  • The primary electric power plant
  • Control systems for propulsion and engineering propulsion systems
  • Radio communication networks
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Telephone and talkback systems

Due to the range of equipment and systems with which the ETO is tasked, they will find themselves operating in numerous areas of the ship, including the bridge, engine room, and control center.

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What are the Required Knowledge and Skills for an ETO?

An ETO is a remarkable version of an electrical officer. These qualifications and attributes are needed to become an ETO:

  • A foundation degree in the discipline of electrical/engineering/electrical engineering/marine engineering.
  • A bachelor’s degree or greater in electrical engineering is needed.
  • Electrotechnical training, including STCW 95 essential security training consisting of fire battling, fire prevention, and primary first aid course
  • ENG1 ′ seafarer’s medical certificate and physical and psychological fitness accreditation
  • Training in making use of electrical, navigational, and interaction devices
  • An Electro Technical engineering course (optional but not essential but might be an added benefit).
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In addition to an essential Bachelor’s degree in engineering, candidates for an ETO position might likewise enlist in complete Bachelor’s degree courses dealing with electro technical handling & maintenance. In addition to these qualifications, people seeking occupations at sea must again hold the following:

  • Physical capability to perform heavy duty on board.
  • Psychological fitness.
  • Ability to be away from the household for prolonged durations.
  • Ability to operate under pressure.
  • Capability to handle real-world situations.
  • Self-reliance in decision-making.
  • Prioritization and arrangement of jobs.
  • Capability to preserve composure and not panic in essential circumstances.
  • To be able to operate under a remarkable while keeping your group.

Top Electro Technical Marine Certifications in Europe

1. Certificate in Basic Maritime Training : Ship’s assistant

The training to become a regular seaman consists of the trip onboard the Training Ship DANMARK and artistry workshop training ashore at MARTEC in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

After finishing the training and 12 months of seagoing service, the path is cleared to apply to a navigation school for 20 weeks ending up with the course at MARTEC that brings a certificate as a non-disabled seafarer.


2. Marine Engineering

Åland University of Applied Sciences lies in the town of Mariehamn. It is a little university that permits close contact between instructors and students.




The Marine Electrical Engineer is a vital position in a ship’s technical structure and is bound by the task the Chief Engineer appoints them. An ETO supervises an essential role within the Elder Management Group and reports directly to the Chief Engineer.

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ETO meaning work or ETOs generally work with engineers and electricians in the engineering section of a ship. When newly certified, they will assist the Chief Engineer, Marine Engineer Officer, and possibly the 2nd Engineer, depending upon the team’s enhancement. Typically, they are viewed as more senior Electrical Officers.

An Electrotechnical Officer’s typical maritime profession course would include advancing through the appropriate seafarer ranks, beginning as an ETO Cadet or Electrical Cadet and then, depending upon the business as well as the titles they use, ending up being an Electrotechnical Officer, Chief Electrotechnical Officer, Electrical Superintendent, or Chief Technical Officer. Marine electrotechnical officers are accountable for maintaining control engineering and electronic systems on board, consisting of propulsion control, radio interactions, and electronic navigation aids.

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