APPLY NOW: SAMRC Scholarship Programme 2024


The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Scholarship Programme 2024 is a pivotal opportunity that caters to the academic and professional aspirations of Masters and PhD candidates in South Africa. This initiative, specifically focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses, represents a significant step towards nurturing the country’s scientific talent.

Background and Significance Of SAMRC Scholarship Programme 2024

In a concerted effort to address historical imbalances and promote inclusivity in scientific research, SAMRC has crafted this scholarship program to empower candidates from under-represented groups. These include African, Black, Indian, Coloured, and Asian communities. The program is not merely a financial support system but a platform for fostering diversity in the field of scientific research in South Africa.

The scholarship targets students whose research supervisors are affiliated with the SAMRC, either as employees, researchers within SAMRC intra or extramural research units, or SAMRC-funded Principal Investigators at various South African universities. This strategic link ensures that the candidates are under the guidance of experienced and accomplished professionals, thereby enriching their research experience.

Purpose and Objectives Of SAMRC Scholarship Programme 2024

The dual objectives of the SAMRC Scholarship Programme are both transformative and progressive. Firstly, it aims to support the SAMRC’s transformation agenda, which seeks to increase the representation of postgraduate scientists from designated groups, with a special emphasis on Black females. Secondly, the programme strives to expand the pool of PhD candidates emerging from Historically Disadvantaged Institutions (HDIs). This approach promotes diversity and drives excellence in research by tapping into a wider pool of talent.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be South African citizens or permanent residents to qualify for this prestigious scholarship. They must belong to the historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields, specifically Asian, Black, Coloured, and Indian communities. Moreover, candidates must be registered as full-time PhD students at a South African University. A crucial aspect of eligibility is that the candidates must have both projects and, where applicable, ethics approval for their PhD research project. Additionally, the applicant’s research project should align with the SAMRC’s priorities, reflecting a commitment to address the pressing health challenges faced by South Africa.

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Benefits of the Scholarship

The financial support provided by the SAMRC Scholarship Programme is substantial and is designed to cover the full spectrum of academic expenses. The scholarship offers R180,000.00 per annum for PhD candidates and R20,000.00 for tuition. For Masters students, the funding for the second year only amounts to R140,000.00, plus R20,000.00 for tuition fees. This comprehensive funding model ensures that the selected scholars can focus on their research without the burden of financial constraints.

Impact and Future Prospects

The SAMRC Scholarship Programme is more than just financial aid; it catalyses change in the South African scientific research landscape. The program will contribute significantly to developing a more inclusive and dynamic scientific community by supporting candidates from diverse backgrounds. The emphasis on supporting research that aligns with SAMRC’s priorities ensures that the scholars’ work is academically sound and relevant to the country’s health and development needs.

In the long term, the SAMRC Scholarship Programme is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of STEM research in South Africa. The scholars nurtured through this program are expected to emerge as leaders in their respective fields, driving innovation and contributing to the nation’s socio-economic development.


Application Process and Deadline

The application process for the SAMRC Scholarship Programme is straightforward yet thorough, ensuring that only the most deserving and eligible candidates are selected. The application submission deadline varies, and prospective candidates are encouraged to apply well in advance.


The SAMRC Scholarship Programme 2024 is a testament to South Africa’s commitment to fostering a diverse and robust scientific community. By providing substantial financial support and professional guidance to students from historically underrepresented groups, the program is not just empowering individual scholars. Still, it contributes to the broader goal of transforming the country’s scientific landscape. As such, the SAMRC Scholarship Programme is not just an opportunity for academic growth; it is a step towards a more inclusive and dynamic future for South African science and research.

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